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Cruising around the world

Updated: Jan 13, 2021

For those of us who are poor sailors the idea of a cruise is horrendous. However after my accident, I was advised that it was the way to go for those of us who did not wish to lug heavy bags and fight for a seat on the plane, not forgetting those steps up to the flight deck.

With a cruise you arrive at the port and your cases are taken from your car and the next time you see them is in you cabin. the car is parked for you and you stroll to the embarkation hall to check passports and have an identity photo. Embarkation is via very large and safe ramps and the whole ship is disability friendly. For those in wheelchairs a wheelchair friendly cabin can be booked when making the initial cruise purchase. Every aspect of the cruise has or will be adapted for you, the exception is your fellow travellers !! lifts are large and fast making access to each deck easy

On your last night you leave your cases outside your room and they are taken and placed ready for collection in a large hall close to where your car has been parked

Some companies offer a chauffeur driven car from your door to the port and the return journey, at an additional cost of course. alternatively coaches are often provided.

Onboard you can visit far more locations than would be possible ordinarily. My advice would be to use the cruise trips, often criticised for their cost, they are graded in terms of time and effort as well as mobility requirements ideal for those of us who struggle to walk over anything but sound ground and need to avoid steps etc


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